Meet My Team

dog-sitting-missyI am so humbled and amazed that I have such a dedicated, caring team. It is with great privilege that I introduce you to my team members. I have coined the phrase DCA’S or Dog Care Assistants’. Team Missy Dogs strives to make your dogs experience with us a most memorable one. What sets my team apart from the others is that we provide the highest standards of care giving in the pet sitting industry.

The level of service will always be consistent with myself and my team members. Plus what is nice about this team approach is that the team works exclusively with Missy and no one else. I always believed two or more people that work together towards the same common goal will be successful.

This has been proven time and time again, especially in sports. I strive to provide the best training to my DCA’S. This way we are all on the same page. We even have dog care conferences and compare notes during your dogs stay with us. First I’d like to introduce Gwen Wally Burick.

dog-sitting-gwenGwen Wally Burick is our scholar in residence for all things dog. She has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to dog behaviors, training and she is a great dog bather. Gwen has been a lifelong volunteer with the Humane Society of Broward County for seven years and still going strong with them. Gwen does the go home counseling. She is the last person you see after an adoption. Gwen also works for Pet Smart Company. I will always rely on Gwen for her opinions regarding good dog products and nutrition. Gwen is an asset to my team. She is a true dog lover and parent to Dumont a Scottish Deer Hound adopted from Puerto Rico through the Porto dogs program. Gwen is one of my dog walkers.

dog-sitting-OmerOmer Belzer, newest helper that joined team Missy Dog. I am so thankful to have him as my DCA (Dog Care Assistant).






dog-sitting-OmerMissy now offers Mobile Grooming by Denise, a professional groomer since 1992 with over fifteen years experience. Full grooming packages include clipping nails, expressing anal glands and cutting hair.  Packages start at $45.00. Schedule a bath or grooming with your dogs boarding.